About Us

A Leader in High Volume Infomercial Lead Generation

Car TV Media, Inc is one of the country’s leaders in high volume infomercial lead generation. We leverage our expertise ininfomercial production and television advertising to partner with automobile dealerships to increase sales by as much as $500,000.00 in gross profits per month.

No matter the size of your market our proven infomercial and sales system will deliver profitable results for your television advertising dollars. With our many years in the infomercial production industry and our deep knowledge of the automobile business we know how to create an infomercial to represent your dealership with integrity, credibility, and reliability.

We deliver results for your television advertising dollar. Your unique infomercial will generate leads immediately and we guarantee results. This is not just a line to secure your business, it’s a promise.

Decades of Experience Delivering High Profits for Dealerships

The President & Chief Executive Officer of Car TV Media, Inc, Joe Courrege, has devoted three decades to the development of television advertising that delivers high gross profits for automobile dealerships across the country through high impact infomercial production.

Is your store in a rural area? We have dealer clients in rural areas and the infomercial delivers! Is your store in a major market city? We have dealer clients in major market cities and the infomercial delivers!

While successfully representing hundreds of National Football League players Joe moved into the automobile industry by purchasing a dealership in the 1970s. Joe’s direct knowledge of the automobile industry honed the “Blueprint for Success” formula. We partner with you and your staff everyday to ensure success. We will educate your staff about our infomercial system to help optimize the sales process from open to close!

An All Inclusive Approach to Infomercial Advertising

Our unique television advertising includes Infomercial ProductionAir Time Management, Lead Generation, Call Center/Appointment Setting, and Staff Training to help ensure the most successful, highest grossing television advertising around.

Our infomercial programs deliver heavy traffic and greatly increased sales. We understand that 70% of consumers have less than perfect credit and your unique infomercial can be produced to cater to special finance consumers.

We offer complete 100% turnkey infomercial production and television advertising to generate increased revenue for you. Your market size does not matter. Our infomercial production and television advertising has been proven to substantially increase traffic in rural, suburban, urban, big city, and small city dealerships.

About the Author

Joe Courrege, President of Car TV Media, Inc. has spent the last three decades developing his systematic program generating high gross profits for dealerships. While successfully representing 100’s of NFL players Joe moved into the car business purchasing his first dealership in the 70’s. This direct knowledge of the car industry gave Joe the blueprint to his successful formula. Joe now works with dealerships to achieve this same success proven in any market condition. Call us today to have Joe star in your Auto Dealership Commercial.