Live Call Center/Agents

We are experts in automotive sales.

Our facility includes a live call center, operating seven days per week, to handle all of the phone traffic generated by your TV promos and infomercials. Our call center staff includes former finance and sales managers, as well as automotive sales people who know the car business. We look at every lead to help your sales staff focus on the strongest and most qualified prospects.

We understand car financing and what it takes to get a car deal done.

Your leads are personally interviewed by our trained call center agents, based on criteria set by you. Qualified buyers are given an appointment to meet with you, stips in hand! All leads are contacted, including follow up after the appointment.

Data for each show aired is collected and available to you. Dealers in all market sizes have seen positive results from this program. No market is too small or too big. The program works.

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About the Author

Joe Courrege, President of Car TV Media, Inc. has spent the last three decades developing his systematic program generating high gross profits for dealerships. While successfully representing 100’s of NFL players Joe moved into the car business purchasing his first dealership in the 70’s. This direct knowledge of the car industry gave Joe the blueprint to his successful formula. Joe now works with dealerships to achieve this same success proven in any market condition. Call us today to have Joe star in your Auto Dealership Commercial.