Infomercial Production

Car TV Network is an expert in informercial production and television advertising.

Automobile dealers use our expertise because we provide increased traffic, sales, and profit. Our infomercial production team will travel to your store to film your unique program with our talented on-air personalities. We work closely with your Owner, General Manager, General Sales Manager, or any other senior executive personnel to produce a television advertising campaign designed to draw the most consumer interest.

Our turn-key infomercial production and television advertising includes, but is not limited to:

  • On-site filming with our talent and select members of your staff
  • 1-800 number unique to your store
  • Selection of your vehicles for car runs
  • Call to action inducements throughout the program to encourage and inform the consumer
  • Post production including graphics, music, and expert editing to highlight your dealership
  • Campaign themes
  • 30-second commercials
  • Lead management through our in-house BDC (Call Center) includes appointment setting and repeated follow-up
  • Day of Show communication with selected Dealership staff
  • We will gladly work with your existing creative team to obtain B-roll footage, logos, or any other specific branding you desire.

Our direct response infomercial production and television advertising includes working with your dealership to understand the unique needs of your market to produce the most leads to your automotive dealership.

Contact us now to learn how you can leverage our experience with infomercial production and television advertising to increase traffic, sales, and profit in your store.

About Joe

Joe Courrege, President of Car TV Media, Inc. has spent the last three decades developing his systematic program generating high gross profits for dealerships. While successfully representing 100’s of NFL players Joe moved into the car business purchasing his first dealership in the 70’s. This direct knowledge of the car industry gave Joe the blueprint to his successful formula. Joe now works with dealerships to achieve this same success proven in any market condition. Call us today to have Joe star in your Auto Dealership Commercial.