Six Crucial BDC Questions

Q. Is our existing BDC staff unable to immediately contact our prospective customers?

A. We provide an immediate response team focused on contacting every lead (Customer) generated for your store. Our objective is not just to set an appointment, our objective is to get the customer in your door, in front of you.

Q. Are we losing sales because our phone room mishandles the lead and fails to get the customer in to the show room?

A. Our staff is trained to communicate a high sense of urgency, trust and confidence that will result in the customer coming in to your show room. We will get the customer in front of you so you can make the sale.

Q. Do our leads grow old and cold because of a lack of follow up?

A. Follow-up is absolutely crucial. We have proven processes that pursue a buy or die approach to your business. If they fail to show up for an appointment, the customer is called and rescheduled immediately. Again, we understand the importance of getting the customer in to your show room.

Q. Are we one-dimensional in our customer contact efforts?

A. Not only do we use live agents to contact every customer personally, we employ other strategic channels such as video email, automated messages and post card mailing campaigns among others.

Q. Are we aware of the condition of EVERY lead?

A. We aggressively track every lead and can provide you with accurate tracking and reporting.

Q. Is there a lack of communication between our BDC and ;our Sales Department?

A. We partner with your existing team to ensure a thorough follow-up is maintained on EVERY lead. We are like the Marines; we go in first and quickly. We will open opportunities for your staff and follow-up on every lead opportunity beyond the initial contact.

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